Making it to Hollywood baby! (Well close…)

Update as to what’s currently going on:

Last Thursday I received an amazing email from Amy Farnum at the Ann Arbor Art Center’s store. The movie The Five-Year Engagement being filmed in Ann Arbor has borrowed two of my pieces from the Ann Arbor Art Center to be used in the film!!! So exciting!!! It is a comedy starring Jason Segel from How I Met Your Mother and Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada. This is an awesome step forward and this is all because I took that chance and applied for the 30×30 Project last winter.

Also back during the 30×30 Project opening I met Ann Simon, a local jeweler, who works with The Blue House in Ann Arbor. We will hopefully be meeting up soon to start setting up a tutorial and interview that will be featured in her blog. Time to get something new carved then.

Ink has also arrived so I no longer have that as an excuse for not printing, now I just have problems with my apartment not being water tight. Hopefully that will be fixed soon and the creating will commence!!!

Attached are the two pieces they took for the movie. I have no idea where they will be used but I don’t really care because it’s just gonna be awesome to see them on the big screen 🙂

Happy summer vacation time!

Anastassia Fulmer


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