The After Show!

So now that I have this new handy dandy web site it’s time to put it to use!

Earlier this summer a fellow artist, Ryan Weiss (who you should check out), invited me to submit work for a one night show he is curating in Grand Rapids showcasing Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids artists. This was a great opportunity to make some new work and delve more into the technique of screen printing! Also I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my mom’s fellow colleagues to use his screen printing set up at Mott Community College in Flint. Needless to say I’ve been screen printing away to get ready for this show. There will be 3 main pieces and then editions of each piece on paper. The whole show is going to be super rad and you can check out the event at Invite your friends, it’s only one night and there will be music and drinks. What more could you ask for???!!!!

Here’s a sneak peak of what I worked on last week and will hopefully finish up tomorrow:

Super excited for the show! Come out to Grand Rapids Sept 15!!!

Now for me to get back to work….

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