Working on scarves

Today I pushed myself to get back on the horse and start printing again. I wanted to play more with my American Tapa screen. Even though it’s not an easy screen to print perfect the imperfections add a certain textural element that I quite enjoy. I don’t think I’d like using it so much for scarves if it did look so perfect.

The good news: I was able to print two scarves with what I like to call an oops color. These scarves require 6 passes and the screens get clogged so these are quite labor intensive.

The bad news: This design was burned into a cheap screen that had been used by freshman at the college, which means it was well loved and couldn’t handle all this love being given to it. I managed to get through these scarves but unfortunately I will have to re-burn the design on one of my new (much nicer) aluminum framed screens. They can handle all the love I want to give them.

It was exciting to get back into printing. My next goal is to experiment with some of my other existing screens and come up with some new designs. Until then check out the final product! These will be available for $56


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